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S.R. Review

Heath, I want to thank you for all of your help with my case. Making the decision to file for bankruptcy after dealing with life changing events (loss of job, divorce) wasn’t easy but it was something that I know I needed to explore. There were so many moving pieces to my case, but you were able to walk me through what needed to be done and we finally got it to the finish line. This will now give me the “Fresh Start” that I need and allow me to get back on my feet. Thanks again for everything!!

J B.

I’d like to thank Heath S. Berger and his staff for their honesty, thoroughness, professionalism,dedication and sincerity. Heath was there when the economy aversely effected my corporation and through his support, legal knowledge and advice, my family and I were able to protect and secure our assets. I would highly recommend Heath S. Berger and his law firm to anyone.

R.S. Ridge, NY Review

I retained Steven Shumer, of Berger, Fischoff & Shumer, LLP, to handle the change of custody of my teenage son. Steven and his staff always made the best interests of my son the greatest priority. Steven’s open lines of communication with his clients are exceptional. Berger, Fischoff & Shumer, LLP, came highly recommend to me and I, too, now highly recommend their services as well.


For those who are looking to retain a Bankruptcy Attorney SFBF is the only one that went beyond my expectations. They were Honest, Patient, Respectful and always made me feel Comfortable, My case was not easy but they made it simple. I had met with many other Bankruptcy Attorneys but it was a nightmare. I just took in my paperwork and they did the rest. Their fees were very competitive and their services Outstanding.Thanks to Mr. Berger and his Amazing professionals I can live a peaceful life again. Thank you Mr. Berger God Bless You and God Bless America.

BFS Client Sept. 2016. Review

Steve spent a lot of time with us, was very informative and gave us good advice. We both felt very comfortable with him. In fact, he was very humorous and made us laugh in a time when we feel so unnerved and stressed. Steve put us both at ease, which we felt was very important.

L.S. Williston Park, NY

I have known Steven, Heath and Angie since 2006. I want to thank each of them for their help in all these years of need. I did not use them in my initial divorce (wish I had) but have used them in several post divorce cases. In each case, they have been extremely professional, compassionate and calming. Coming from someone who gets bombarded with a number of legal issues, it is quite comforting knowing they are behind me. They are very knowledgeable, honest in their assessments and guidance and not always looking to make a buck. Steven has even taken the time to respond while he has been on vacation. Since I have known them for so long, they are like family to me. They are people I trust to help handle very difficult situations.Thanks Again!!

Denise L

Dear Steven E. Shumer, Esq.,I would like to Thank You for the efficiency of your Law Firm. I called for services that I needed to be done in a timely manner. When I called you never hesitated to make me feel at ease that it could and would be done as I needed. Your professionalism is outstanding from the beginning to the end. Your communication was always on. Anytime I called I would get a response always in a timely fashion. I never had to wait for any answers to any questions I may have had. Your office staff was always a pleasure to deal with. They made you feel like they knew you from day one. Always courteous and friendly with professionalism.For all of this I thank You Again. I would highly recommend you and your firm to any clients or friends who are in need of a Honest, Professional, Efficient and Caring Law Firm.


I have had the good fortune and privilege of being introduced to Mr. Steven Shumer of Berger, Fischoff & Shumer, LLP. For over a decade he and his firm have assisted me and my immediate family with a myriad of legal issues. Each and every time I sought the firm’s services, I was overwhelmed with the positive results of each situation. I have recommended Mr. Shumer and his firm to family and friends for whatever legal assistance they might require and have only received positive feedback from those I have referred. I have no qualms contacting Mr. Shumer with any of my legal problems. It is my opinion that Mr. Shumer and his firm will do everything to help out his clientele to the very best of their abilities. Most importantly, they handle themselves with professionalism, compassion and understanding. THEY ARE THE BEST!!


Please be advised that I have had the privilege to be represented by Mr. Heath S. Berger and his staff in regard to my personal bankruptcy. The professionalism and knowledge of you and your staff lead to a successful Final Decree granted to me. I would like to deeply express my gratitude and would recommend your firm in the highest regard.

M.M. Baldwin, New York

To Steven, Heath and Brian,Now that my family court case is over I would like to thank you each individually for you have all helped me, each in a different way.Steven, thank you for always calming me down and taking the time to explain things to me in a way I could understand. You made me realize that there are steps to be taken to get to a goal. Slow and steady wins the race, and we WON!!! I especially want to thank you for taking the time out from your family vacation to answer my e-mails when I was having a melt-down, so thank you Steven for all you did to help me.Heath, thank you for being the first lawyer I’ve ever had in the court room. I was nervous as anything and asked a million questions and you answered them all. I know I kept asking what if this happens, what if that happens, and calmly you would answer my questions then tell me, “let’s get to that point then worry about it”. In the end “what if” never even happened so I worried for nothing. Thank you for being there for me.Brian, well you closed the deal as they say. I remember being in the hearing and being asked a million questions. I was so nervous and forgot dates and numbers, etc. You calmly put your hand on top of mine and just nodded at me, I knew from there on in it was going to be ok. When we went in front of the big judge you didn’t stop arguing your point. Not only do I personally thank you, but my children do too because not only were you fighting for me you were fighting for them as well.I just want to thank Berger, Fischoff & Shumer, LLP, for everything you have done for me. It is most appreciated and your firm will be highly recommended by me.

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