Divorce Mediation

When a decision is made by a married couple to bring their relationship to an end, there are options available to avoid the conflict, financial hardship and heartache associated with matrimonial litigation.  Not every divorce has to go to court and not every settlement has to be the result of a long drawn out fight.  A better option exists.

Divorce Mediation is a process that allows the parties, themselves, to take control of their settlement, the well-being of their family, and their future, all under the guidance and supervision of an experienced Divorce Mediation attorney.  The Divorce Mediation Attorney’s job is to neutrally provide guidance and recommendations on each and every issue related to a divorce settlement, but not make the final decision on any issue.  Those decisions remain in the joint control of the parties with advice and guidance from the Divorce Mediator.  By agreeing to proceed through Divorce Mediation, the parties innately place their trust in the chosen Divorce Mediator to provide the proper guidance and information to help the parties create an amicable settlement, without the great financial and emotional cost to be incurred in any contested divorce litigation.


Steven E. Shumer, as a divorce and family law attorney licensed since 1992, has the knowledge and court experience to know how most issues in dispute between you and your spouse would likely be resolved and decided by a judge in the context of litigation.  Armed with that knowledge, in the role of a Divorce Mediation attorney, Mr. Shumer has the ability to provide the necessary information and guidance to allow you and your spouse to reach amicable agreements on all issues to be addressed in the divorce process.  In doing so, the Divorce Mediation process naturally becomes less confrontational, less emotional and, importantly, less costly than if you and your spouse were on opposite sides of a hotly contested divorce litigation in court.

Divorce Mediation offers you the opportunity to resolve the matters related to the end of your marital relationship with respect, less conflict, less anger and at a significantly lower cost.  Please contact Berger, Fischoff, Shumer, Wexler & Goodman, LLP, at 1-800-806-1136, to speak with a member of our Divorce Mediation team about how we can help you through this difficult time.


For more information please visit our dedicated Divorce Mediation Website.